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[PMS] Property Management Services – Terms & Conditions:

Welcome to [PMS] Property Management Services. Through our website, our customers can access thousands of properties all across Pakistan conveniently. By using our website, any section of our website, or any content provided by us, you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions set out below:

In our terms and conditions, when we say ‘user,’ we mean anyone who uses our services and accesses our website. “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “PMS”, and “[PMS] Property Management Services” refer to anyone associated with [PMS] Property Management Services or the company as a whole.

The user, you, agree that:

Terms and Conditions (General)

Please make sure you read our terms and conditions carefully:

[PMS] Property Management Services will not be responsible for any loss you incur due to any advice we offer. We try our best to give the best advice possible, but certain factors are beyond our control.

You agree that you will not publish, advertise, copy, or republish any content or material from our website.

You will not act as our agent unless you are officially approved by us.

[PMS] Property Management Services will not be held responsible for the outcome of any deal you conclude with a potential or an actual buyer, seller, lessee, lessor, tenant, or landlord for any property advertised at [PMS] Property Management Services.

You agree to comply with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Our services may or may not include advertisements.

You agree that you will not upload any harmful material on https://pmsconnect.pk/ that damages any part of the website, its services, or content.

[PMS] Property Management Services reserves the right to assign or subcontract any part or all of its rights and obligations with the user or users to provide the best possible services to its clients.

The users cannot subcontract, transfer, or assign any or all of their rights and obligations with PMS to anyone without taking written consent from us.

Terms and Conditions for Advertisement

You agree that you are the actual owner of the property you are advertising on https://pmsconnect.pk/ for any purpose. If you are not the owner, you agree that you have been duly authorized by the actual owner of the property to advertise the property on the PMS website.

https://pmsconnect.pk/ reserves the right to refuse to advertise your property without giving any reason.

You agree to not hold [PMS] Property Management Services, its offices, employees, partners, and affiliates responsible against any losses, damages, or claims that arise due to the damages incurred as a result of your advertisement on https://pmsconnect.pk/.

We reserve the right to remove any advertisement from our website without giving any explanations or reasons.

You agree that the particulars of the property you advertise on our website are 100% accurate. In case of any loss or harm incurred due to any misrepresentation of information or facts, you will not hold us responsible.

You also agree to have the legal capacity and to be of legal age to advertise or access any or all sections or services on https://pmsconnect.pk/.

You agree that you will only use our services in relation to your property or properties only, unless you have our consent or the consent of the legal owners of the property or properties.

You agree to pay certain fees or amounts to use some of our services.

You agree to not modify or change any copyright notice on our website (https://pmsconnect.pk/).

Unless specifically specified, nothing advertised at https://pmsconnect.pk/ should be considered as a recommendation from us.

You agree that you will not advertise a property by using information whose copyrights you do not own or do not have permission to use.

We do not guarantee that you will get a positive response for any property you have advertised on https://pmsconnect.pk/. We also agree to use any payment made to us in this regard solely to advertise the property on our website.

We reserve the right to suspend or cancel any paid or unpaid service without giving any reason or explanation if your activities are deemed to violate any or all of the conditions mentioned in the Terms and Conditions. We also reserve the right to suspend or cancel any service in case of delayed or non-payment.

[PMS] Property Management Services will not be held responsible for any damages, claims, or losses incurred due to this reason.

You will not link our website or any page of our website to any other website or portal without getting written consent from us.

You agree to hold us harmless in case any third-party claims come up due to non-payment of any services or because the user violates our Terms and Conditions.

Intellectual Property

We own and have licenses to all the information and services provided by us on our website. All these works are protected by national and international copyright laws.

Prohibited Use Policy

You will not use https://pmsconnect.pk/ or any of our services for illegal or prohibited activities.

https://pmsconnect.pk/, its content, and services are intellectual properties of [PMS] Property Management Services, and you agree to not carry out any activity that infringes our intellectual property rights.

You will not carry out any activity that compromises the security, accessibility, or functionality of our website or services.

You will not display, list, advertise or upload any property that infringes third-party copyrights or ownership. We, our partners, affiliates, and agents will not be held responsible for any loss, damages, or claims that arise due to your actions.

You agree not to misrepresent or impersonate anyone or any entity.

In case of any illegal or prohibited use, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel your subscription to our services, whether paid or unpaid.

Liability Limitation/General Indemnification

Notwithstanding the above-mentioned terms and conditions, ever user agrees to indemnify us, our agents, employees, affiliates, partners, consultants, directors, and agents harmless against any claims, liabilities, losses, and expenses that result because a user violates our terms and conditions, warranty, or agreement.

[PMS] Property Management Services will not be held liable for any damages, or losses incurred due to a user’s inability to use any part of our website or services.

We assume no responsibility in case any false or incorrect information is provided by a user on our website.

PMS will not be held liable for any operational delay, fault, removal, deletion, error, delay, or omission in transmission, communication, theft, or destruction of a user’s data or information that arise due to illegal or unauthorized access.

PMS will also not be held responsible for any failure of its systems, servers, services, hardware, or software.

Irrespective of any number of claims initiated against PMS, the maximum liability for us concerning any loss, claim, will not exceed the total amount paid by the user to [PMS] Property Management Services.

No Warranties

PMS, its employees, directors, agents, affiliates, and consultants give no warranty with respect to the services or information provided on https://pmsconnect.pk/.

PMS also excludes all warranties, implied, expressed, statutory, or otherwise.

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you give your consent to receive this information.

Specifically, we use the information provided by you for the following purposes:

  • To improve existing services or come up with new services.
  • To send users emails about new projects, services, and offers.
  • To improve our user experience by personalizing the information according to the user’s interests.
  • To help fix any issues with our website or services.

We also reserve the right to disclose and use any non-identifiable information we collect through cookies and site data to our affiliates. This data is used to improve our services and offer you a better experience.

We also reserve the right to disclose any information we may have about you to law enforcement agencies as per applicable laws. We also reserve the right to share your information in case of a merger, or if it is required by any other service provider with regards to a service or a product that is relevant to the user.


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