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[PMS] Property Management Services – Privacy Policy

We may collect information about you to offer a personalized experience. This Privacy Policy will tell you how we collect and use your personal and non-personal information.

Most of the time, we will collect information about you from our website ( However, we may also collect information about you via our affiliates, partners, or third parties with whom we have an agreement to gather this information.

We might also collect information about you from other sources. Our Privacy Policy will apply to you even if you have not provided your information via

PMS will not give your personal information to any third party unless and until required according to applicable laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

You also agree that [PMS] Property Management Services can use your personal information to get in touch with you and also use it to provide you with information as per our discretion.

Cookies Policy:

We can use cookies to track your computer’s IP address and also save some information on your system. Cookies are small word files that contain small pieces of data used to identify your computer when you use a network. On top of that, we also use permanent cookies to offer a personalized experience and services to our users. We may use cookies to store personal data, and we link that data to the personal information you provide to us. PMS also uses cookies to improve our website and check how users use

You can always set your browser to reject cookies, but that will stop us from sending you some services that are tailor-made for you.

Third-Party Cookies

The cookies related technology and information may change over time, and we will update our cookie policy accordingly. Our affiliates, partners, agents, and consultants may use cookies to understand the behavior and preferences of the visitors in their services and products. They may also use cookies to come up with and send customized services and products to the users.


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