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Usually, people invest in real estate for two types of gains: long term and short term. People who invest in real estate for short-term profits aim to sell the property within 1-3 years.

For long term investment, people buy properties that they plan to hold on to for a considerable time. Long term investments are usually done in projects that are in the early stages of being announced or started.

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We would advise you to buy or sell a property via bank pay orders. Carrying out a transaction in cash or through a cheque is always risky.

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A studio apartment is a type of apartment in which you get a complete room with an attached kitchen & bathroom. People mix studio apartment into 1-bed room apartment that’s a different property. Studio apartment in simple terms called a room in which you have to adjust living, Bed & Kitchen. Approx. size for studio apartment start from 250sqf to 350sqf which is in Marla 1.1 Marla to 1.5 Marla Room.



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Service Apartments operated by any hotel chain 3 start to 4 stars. These are just like hotel apartments but in service apartments, you can live anytime. In hotel apartments, you can just enjoy the rental income but in service apartments, you are the owner and can use your property any time throughout the year.

You have the choice to rent your property but the hotel can’t book your property without your permission. All facilities in service apartments are provided by the hotel for that you have to pay the maintenance charges.



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every apartment you purchase in a new or used building called Sami furnished. Sami furnished apartments contact bathroom fittings, kitchen cabinets, room cabinets, lights, ceiling, paints, tails on the floor, doors switchboards & active connections for electric, gas, water supply.



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Hotel Apartment is a new concept in Pakistan where you buy an apartment in a building that is operated by any 3start or 3star hotel chain. You can’t live in that apartment but hotel management signs a contract with you for a 5 to 20 Years rental agreement on your property.

You will get the rental income monthly or quarterly basis with an increment in rental income of 20% after 2 to 3 years depend on the agreement. You can’t live in your apartment but can enjoy the rental yield. The hotel offers you accommodation vouchers for 6 to 10-night stays per year in the same building or any hotel in different cities operated by the same hotel chain.



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Furnished apartment terms are used during sales. Furnished apartments mean developer/builder will provide you apartment fully furnished with all accessories like AC, Furniture, Kitchen fittings including microwave Owen, Fridge & dishwasher, these apartments are commonly designed as luxury furnished apartments. During the purchase of furnished apartments, you will get a list of builders/developers for all built-in accessories & fixtures.



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